Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock Paper Scissors (Jan-ken-pon or Janken)

Jan-ken-pon is the most popular game among Japanese children and it is a subset of games played using only the hands, symbolizes both the spirit, theme and the categories of this competition.

The hand in the game
-“Rock (Gu)” for a fist.
-“Scissors (Paa)” for the index and middle fingers, parted and extended.
-“Paper (Choki)” for an open hand

The exchange is won as determined by the rules:


1. rock breaks scissors

2. scissors cut paper

3. paper wraps rock.

an Ken Pon Song

A Japanese version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”
Played with hands behind back until final line.

Japanese Translation:

Jan-ken-pon yo, jan-ken-pon
Jan-ken-pon yo, Goo, cho-ki, pa

English Translation:

Rock, Paper Scissors
Rock, paper, scissors
One, two, three

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